About Us

Learn more about our story, our team, and how it all started!

Our Story

We believe that WordPress Membership Websites should be Affordable to Build, Easy to Maintain, and Beautifully Looking.  But sadly, the vast majority of membership services online are not.

Too often they are too expensive, have no easy-to-follow docs on how to maintain your WordPress Membership Site, and ain’t that pretty.

So we vowed to create affordable designs and solutions that Small Businesses can use for their WordPress Membership Websites. 

In the midst of coronavirus 2019, we have started this mission. To create High-Quality WordPress Membership Websites Designs and Solutions.

Our Founder, Danica Louwe

Danica Louwe is the founder and lead developer of WordPress Membership Designs. She started as a freelance web designer in the year 2009 at the age of 17, is an introvert, and personally prefers to learn everything online.

In the year 2011, she joined Larry Jacob Internet Marketing and had a chance to handle multiple projects for the WordPress Membership Website using the WordPress plugins AccessAlly, ActiveMember360, iMember360, Memberium, and Wishlist Membership.

In the year 2017, she decided to do freelancing again and managed Infusionsoft (KEAP) and ActiveCampaign accounts for 5-6 Figure businesses that use WordPress Membership for their products. From this experience, she became an expert in using Infusionsoft (KEAP) and ActiveCampaign for WordPress Membership Sites. Which made her understand better how to use Memberium with Infusionsoft (KEAP) and Memberium with ActiveCampaign for her projects.

From this experience, she got hooked on building WordPress Membership Sites and was eager to learn more about how to improve her process.

So in the midst of coronavirus 2019, she decided to start making it her mission to create High-Quality WordPress Membership Designs and Solutions.

To learn more about Danica Louwe, click here.

Our Team

We’re a team of creators & doers located in the Queen City Of The South – Cebu, Philippines.

Danica Louwe


Last Skill Learned

Read the book “Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte” — I wanted to learn how I can record my ideas or random things that come up to my mind. This book helped me with that.

Things I like:
🖥 🐈‍⬛ 🦮 🏋️‍♀️ 🍔 

John Louwe

Full Stack Web Developer

Last Skill Learned

Swimming! Not the best one other there yet, but I feel relaxed when I’m in water. Trying New Online Games from time to time which also let me learn UI/UX design and how developers design customer journey.

Things I like:
🏊 🕹 🌊

Albert Villagracia

Front End WordPress Developer

Last Skill Learned

I learned to play guitar. It’s something I’ve worked on for a while but it’s one of my favorite skills because it helps me to unwind and still do something creative and fun.

Things I like:
🕹 🌊🏀  

Daryl Gabule

Adobe Expert

Last Skill Learned

Video editing and appreciate the little things! It reminded me to go slow and focus on the little details when creating a bigger picture. 

Things I like:
🎬 ⛩️ 🏕️ 

Hazel Satorre

Website Manager

Last Skill Learned

The skill I’ve learned is playing ball games like Volleyball and Basketball, which helps me to reduce my stress. And also I have good organization and time management skills. Time management clarifies my goals and prioritizes my most important tasks.

Things I like:
💵 ✈️🍔🌊🏀