Customizations and features that we’ve set up for our recent projects.


Make Your Membership Site Awesome

  • Copy the Demo Site: Start fast by making your site look like the BuddyBoss demo.
  • Organize Your Stuff: Use the BuddyBoss Theme to keep your content neat and easy to find.
  • Make It Yours: Change colors and logos to match your brand with the BuddyBoss Theme.
  • Move to BuddyBoss Easily: Bring your site over to BuddyBoss without headaches.
  • Teach with Learndash: Add online courses to your site smoothly with BuddyBoss.
  • Build Your Community: Set up places for your members to chat, share, and meet in groups or forums.
  • Get a BuddyBoss App: Reach your members on their phones with your own app.

Change Things Up to Suit Your Style

  • Change the Login Page: Make the login page feel welcoming and like it’s part of your site.
  • Easy to Navigate Groups: Help members find their way around groups more easily.
  • Simplify Profile Navigation: Make it simpler for members to use their profile pages.
  • Show Off Achievements in the Header: Use GamiPress to show member achievements right at the top of your site.
  • Keep Some Areas Members-Only: Set up special messages for people who aren’t members yet, keeping certain areas exclusive.


Boost Engagement with Gamification

  • Vision and Planning: Let’s figure out the best way to use Gamipress for your site. We’ll guide you through what works best for your goals.
  • Points, Achievements, and Rankings: Set up fun ways to reward your members with points, badges, and ranks.
  • Connect with Other Apps: Make Gamipress work with other tools you use. Earn points for filling out forms, signing up for events, buying products, and more. We can also award badges for purchases, course completions, and checking off tasks.
  • Keep Everyone Informed: Set up alerts, emails, and cool pop-ups to celebrate achievements. Plus, integrate with BuddyBoss for notifications and automatic updates in your community feed.

Design Magic

  • Custom Icons: Create unique icons for points, badges, and levels that match your brand.
  • Pop-Up Celebrations: Design special pop-ups to congratulate members on their achievements.
  • Achievement Layouts: Plan and design how to display achievements on your site, making sure they look exactly how you want.


Course Setup and Strategy

  • Comprehensive Course Creation: Set up your courses and programs with LearnDash to deliver a top-notch learning experience.
  • Strategic Guidance: Receive advice on the best ways to use LearnDash for your programs. We’ll help determine if it’s the right solution for you.
  • Content Protection: Ensure that only your members can access courses and programs, keeping your content exclusive.

Membership Management

  • Access Control: Configure access expiration for members and set limits on content accessibility to manage exclusivity.
  • E-Commerce Integration: Seamlessly integrate LearnDash with e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, ThriveCart, etc., to manage course sales and subscriptions.
  • Content Visibility: Control who sees your content. Allow members exclusive access or let everyone preview course listings without accessing the full content.

Custom Design and Layout

  • Custom Course Listings: Design a unique course listing page that reflects your brand and makes courses easily navigable.
  • Personalized Course Pages: Create custom layouts for your course pages to enhance the learning experience.
  • Certificates Access Page: Develop a dedicated page where members can view and access all their earned certificates.
  • Engaging Non-Member Messages: Craft custom messages for non-members. Use this space to encourage sign-ups or plan upgrades by showcasing what they’re missing.


Membership Strategy and Content Protection

  • Membership Levels Planning: Strategize on membership levels to safeguard your content, ensuring exclusivity for your members.
  • Flexible Access Options: Provide options to offer members partial access, maintaining a balance between exclusivity and public engagement.
  • E-Commerce Integration: Configure Memberium to seamlessly work with e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, facilitating smooth transactions.
  • LearnDash Integration: Optimize Memberium to enhance your online courses with LearnDash, creating a cohesive learning environment.
  • Umbrella and Group Accounts: Set up umbrella accounts for managing multiple members under one account and group accounts for collective access.
  • Automation and CRM Integration: Implement automation tied to purchase activities, integrating with CRM systems like Infusionsoft by Keap or Active Campaign for streamlined operations.

Custom Design and Engagement

  • Custom Layouts for Group Accounts: Design custom layouts for umbrella or group accounts, enhancing the user experience for members managing multiple users.

Custom RoadMap

Personalized Learning Pathways

  • Design Custom Roadmaps: Tailor a unique roadmap for your course content, ensuring a clear path for your educational journey.
  • Build Custom Roadmaps: Construct bespoke roadmaps for your courses, guiding learners through each step of their learning experience.

Custom Post Type

Enhanced Content Management and Accessibility

  • Tailored Content Structuring: Organize your site’s offerings by setting up custom post types. This organization helps members navigate through your content more efficiently, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Automated Report Creation: Utilize custom post types to automatically generate accessible reports for members. For instance, create a dedicated post type that appears after a member completes a form, providing them with immediate feedback or results.
  • Rich Content Display: Enhance your existing posts by adding custom meta fields. This feature allows for a more detailed presentation of your content, enriching the member’s engagement with your materials.
  • Advanced Content Discovery: Implement custom filters and search functionality, making it simpler for members to find the content they need. This improvement leads to a more intuitive and satisfying user experience.


Streamlined Assignment and Event Tracking

  • Assignment Tracking Calendar: Develop a custom calendar exclusively for your members to keep track of assignments or tasks you set. This tool helps both you and your members stay organized and on top of scheduled tasks.
  • Personalized Daily Task Calendars: Create individualized calendars where members can view their daily tasks. Tailor these calendars to display tasks based on each member’s specific responsibilities or goals, enhancing their daily productivity and engagement.
  • Member Event Listings: Implement a custom calendar to showcase member events. This calendar serves as a central hub for all member-related activities, making it easy for your community to stay informed about upcoming events and participate actively.

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