Mastering WordPress Membership Designs: Recreating the LinkedIn Learning Layout with Crocoblock JetEngine – Part 1

Welcome to my blog, fellow WordPress enthusiasts! I’m Danica, and my passion lies in crafting exceptional WordPress membership sites. Today, I’m thrilled to embark on an advanced journey that involves the meticulous recreation of a LinkedIn Learning layout using the powerful Crocoblock JetEngine plugin. This blog post serves as an accompanying guide to the video above, where I delve into the intricate process of replicating a renowned e-learning platform’s course layout.

The Advanced Quest Begins

In the video, I dive straight into the world of advanced web design by taking you along on my endeavor to recreate the captivating layout employed by LinkedIn Learning. With Crocoblock JetEngine as my trusty companion, I’m about to unveil the steps I’ll be navigating to reconstruct this dynamic layout. This marks the genesis of an exhilarating journey that promises insights, creativity, and valuable takeaways.

Integrating Elements: Bookmarks and Checkmarks

A highlight of this undertaking is the seamless integration of user-friendly features like bookmarks and checkmarks. These seemingly small yet immensely impactful elements enhance the learning experience. Through both the video and this blog post, I’ll guide you through the process of incorporating these features, ensuring that your audience can navigate and track their progress effortlessly.

Unveiling Part 1 – Stay Tuned for More

As you’ve noticed, this is just the first installment of what promises to be an enlightening series. Anticipate an array of insights and techniques as I unravel the remaining phases of this recreation journey. Stay tuned for upcoming videos, each building upon the foundation laid in this initial episode.

Your Questions, My Commitment

If you ever find yourself pondering over any aspect of the content presented in the video or elaborated in this blog post, I invite you to engage in the conversation. Drop your questions, thoughts, and curiosities in the comments section below. Your inquiries serve as the compass guiding me to provide comprehensive answers, offering a clearer path for your own replication of this layout.

Design Mechanics and Intricacies – Lesson Listings

A pivotal component of the LinkedIn Learning experience lies in the well-organized lesson listings. In this endeavor, I focus specifically on dissecting and recreating these intricate listings. By doing so, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to craft a user-friendly, informative, and engaging lesson organization within your WordPress site.

Inspiration from LinkedIn Learning

As an e-learning enthusiast, I’ve always admired the seamless course layouts offered by LinkedIn Learning. Their meticulously curated designs serve as a benchmark for excellence. Throughout this journey, my aim is not only to replicate their effectiveness but also to imbue our project with the same essence that makes LinkedIn Learning courses a favorite among learners.

What Lies Ahead

Rest assured, our journey doesn’t conclude here. I’m thrilled to announce my plans to tackle various other sections in the upcoming episodes. From design principles to functional aspects, we’ll explore and master each facet, enabling you to elevate your WordPress membership sites to a whole new level.

Ready to Absorb, Learn, and Implement?

I’m genuinely excited for you to dive into this video and blog post, absorbing the insights and knowledge I’m eager to share. Let’s embrace this learning experience and gain the tools needed to recreate captivating layouts like that of LinkedIn Learning. Together, we’ll make the most of this opportunity to learn, implement, and transform our websites into engaging platforms that facilitate exceptional user experiences.


As we embark on this insightful journey of recreating the LinkedIn Learning layout, I encourage you to approach it with eagerness and curiosity. Remember, the path to mastering WordPress membership designs requires both dedication and creativity. So, without further delay, let’s begin this transformative expedition. Get ready to absorb, learn, and implement – it’s time for an exciting and productive ride!

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