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What is WordPress Membership Designs

Where are you located?

What is your office hours?

How are you different from other membership service companies?

Getting Started

How do I request a new task or project?


Do I communicate directly with your team?

Can we communicate via Slack or other messaging platform?


How does your pricing work?

What do you mean by ‘Task Request’

What does your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee include?

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Are the cost/fees for software like Elementor, Webflow, etc., included?


Can I only pay you in USD?

Scope of Work

Do you work on weekends?

What kind of tasks and projects can I request?

Style of Work

How much dedicated time does your team provide for the monthly plan?

Can you work on multiple WordPress membership websites during one month?

How long does it take to build a ‘simple wordpress membership’ website?

How involve is Danica in each task or project?


Can I use the service with my agency clients?